The Dress Rehearsal

The Dress Rehearsal

On December 31st of 2014, I vowed to myself as a resolution not to allow distractions to come in between me and my writing career goals for 2015 and beyond.  By Valentine’s Day of 2015, my grandmother is hospitalized with advanced stage cancer, and my father diagnosed with kidney cancer.  My grandmother is receiving Hospice care while my mother is her caretaker in Maryland.  I am my father’s caretaker (have been for a while because of complications from diabetes) in Arizona.  So much for not being distracted, right?  Well, I’ve found that in spite of these bleak circumstances, the distractions aren’t from my ailing kin, but from my own mind.  It’s tough maintaining strength while caring for a succumbing relative, and keep my life going simultaneously.  Oftentimes, I find myself emotionally and physically drained after attending numerous doctor appointments with my father (and my son who is autistic).  I have to keep my life on record in a small calendar, denoting the appointments and details.  I also have to make transportation arrangements, coordinate care with other providers, refill/pick-up/drop-off prescriptions, and make numerous phone calls.  All of this, in addition to the day-to-day duties of a stay-at-home mother, and family caregiver.  It is tough.  The small amount of time I have left is usually spent on sleep.  So, it seems like my commitment to writing has waned.  However, in the midst of the exhaustion dwells pearls of inspiration and great writing material.  Every day, I build an arsenal of writing topics that my fingers anticipate typing into pages of future novels.  The education that I’m receiving regarding the human spirit and the Holy spirit are almost indescribable, but I look forward to the challenge of doing so.  If you’ve read my work already, you know that I am a very engaging and descriptive author.  It’s my personal mission in every work I produce to have the reader feel something, and I strive for it to be positive emotion (motivated, relieved, empowered, etc.).  Therefore, I am training my mind to behold the current grim circumstances of my loved ones not as distractions, but the dress rehearsal for success.  The hectic schedule of doctor appointments I have now is practice for booked public speaking appearances later.  The numerous phone calls I have to make in this season are the inverse of the calls I’ll receive in the future.  Coordinating care and making transportation arrangements with others is the blueprint for successful networking in the future.  Not only do I think on these things, I put action behind it.  I try to amp up online presence and promotional efforts with futile resources; however, majority of my action is through faith.  I don’t have much to give, so I ask my heavenly Father to provide the power and increase needed to stretch it further, and guide my actions to destinations of success.  This blog piece isn’t asking for sympathy because there’s nothing to be sad about.  It’s meant to encourage any reader who is having struggles great and small, and how to conquer them all.  This is the dress rehearsal.  Now’s the time to make mistakes, ask questions, get clarification, and learn, learn, learn.  Because when the spotlight of success is shining directly on me, I want my performance to be polished.

18 Years of Grace and Mercy: A Teenage Mother’s Testimony, Vol. 1 and The Pusher, the Prostitute and a Preacher

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