Don’t Be Discouraged –A Price on Honesty

There are inspirational books everywhere filled with fluffy feel good words that are pretty to the eyes and tickling to the ears when they are read and spoken aloud.  Oftentimes, those words aren’t thought about or felt while going through a struggle.  For myself personally, I set my mind to do something positive and so many obstacles get in the way.  This blog, for example, is prime proof that whenever I’m doing something right, everything goes wrong.  I’ve been away for a while for many different reasons beyond my control.  I won’t list them because then it’ll sound like a grocery list of excuses.  I’ve realized that I live more for others than I do myself, and even though positive results occur for them, I end up being in the negative.  However, I tell myself all of the time: don’t be discouraged.  I must have these obstacles because I’m good at overcoming them and that’s what I will continue to do.  Ironically, my goal for 2015 and beyond is to become more selfish, taking better care of myself for myself with the hope I can do better and be better for others.  So, I won’t be discouraged.

A Price on Honesty

Put a price on honesty

I dare you to try.

How much is it worth

to not make your loved one cry?

What is the total cost

of blood, sweat, and tears

Day after day of honest work

that spans over many years?

How much money is earned

when an honest sum is paid

instead of defrauding others

of the money they honestly made?

What is truly achieved

when struggling through the pain

of having hardly enough

to calculating capital gain?

How is it that we make it

working a dead end job

ignoring the criminal potential

of others around us to rob?

Some call it human kindness

Others common sense.

From what I’ve seen and heard,

both are false pretense.

It’s the divine power of Jesus

with honesty as the bottom line.

Satisfaction that He provides

and desires of my heart will be mine.

Put a price on honesty.

I dare you to try.

If you say you can,

you’ve already told a lie.