Hearts as Helium Balloons

Hearts as Helium Balloons

Helium balloons are often used as an expression of emotions. Whether it’s love, celebration, sympathy or decoration, helium balloons accessorize any occasion. Sometimes, the human heart can be equated to a helium balloon. It expresses emotions, can feel lighter than air, dies out when held down, or soar to unknown heights when let go. It can be broken and used for mockery or to make a joke using its contents in spite of its pain or destruction. Recent changes in my most important and closest relationships have provoked this metaphor: a heart and a helium balloon.

My heart
as a helium balloon
colorful, shiny, bright
“Happy Birthday” or “Get Well Soon”.
Filled with stuff
lighter than air
stenciled with words
to show my care.
You choose me
for whatever appeal
show me off to others
to express how you feel.
That’s just fine
it’s all well and good
time goes by
interest wanes as it should.
The helium seeps out
the balloon deflated
just as my heart
is no longer elated.
The balloon withers
as its held down by time
then totally discarded
into trash or scrapbook of some kind.
But, I should be grateful
I should be glad
you’ll look back at me
and think what fun you had.
You could’ve popped my heart
take its air into your throat
then make a funny voice
my heart’s contents your joke.
At some point in life
you’ll get another heart as a helium balloon
another “Happy Birthday”
another “Get Well Soon”.
As you hold it in your hand
looking up at it towards the sky
the heart as a helium balloon will say:
“Are you going to hold me down
with time and let me die?
Or let me go
and watch me fly?”

http://www.TamikaTrammel.com author of “18 Years of Grace and Mercy: A Teenage Mother’s Testimony, Vol. 1” and “The Pusher, the Prostitute and a Preacher” available on Amazon, B&N, Google Books, AmericaStarBooks.com Online Bookstore in e-book and soft cover

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